90 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702

Tel: 508-875-1394 / Fax: 508-875-2392
Email: manager@monticelloframingham.com


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No Pet Policy
No Pets are allowed of any kind at the hotel.  If a guest is found with a pet in the room, they will be fined $250.00.  Many guests have allergies to pets, and pets create a liability if they harm any person or thing at the hotel, so it is not an affront to pets, but rather a safety and security issue for others.
No Party Policy
The hotel requests that guests behave in an orderly manner that respects other guest’s privacy and comforts, which includes parties and other noise-making that would disturb other guests. If the hotel is alerted to a guest’s misbehavior, the guest will be ask to cease and refrain. If a second complaint comes to the desk, the hotel reserves the right to ask the guest to leave, or may call in the local authorities to assist.
No Loitering or Soliciting
Guests may use the lobby for personal reasons and enjoy the comforts of the hotel. However, guests may not conduct business meetings, hold gatherings, sell or promote anything, nor do anything that would disturb other guests or the hotel in conducting business. Guests must also be publicly behaved in the hotel public areas at all times, which includes no lude or crass behavior, nothing inappropriate, nor anything that directly or indirectly compromises the integrity of the hotel.
Smoking, Theft & Damage
The hotel has smoking rooms. If a guest smokes in a non-smoking room, there is a $200 fine per instance, up to and including eviction. If a guest takes items from the room or damages anything in the room, and in general does not leave the room as they found it, the hotel reserves the right to charge a $200 fine or more, evict the guest, and call the authorities. Guests should protect their own valuables. The hotel is not responsible for any lost guest items.